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Here we go again, a new film project from us at Spott film!
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So it begin, my last year at CCG in Gävle.
I know that I have not shown much new this year but it takes time to work with 3D and I am starting to see some results now!
Please do have patience and check my Vimeo:
and me and my friends groupwork spring 2011:

Anyway, I have started with photographing because it's a part of my job, when I get one!

Matte painter
3D artist
2D artist/film

Cheers mates!
Funny, every time I draw something nude or pinup/sexy there is a lot of viewers....
Only Naruto fanart can put something up against that.

Probably how the world works, let us see how it will be when I draw Chiwei someday, pinup asian vintage beachboy....

uuuuh... @_@'
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  • Reading: Jack - Ulf Lundell (just finished it <3 )
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I just sold my EOS 300D to my father with all the things in its bag, he pay me 3000kr/sek next week. That's 1000kr/sek more then what I asked him to pay me but I think it's a late christmasgift. Anyway I'm looking on the Canon 550D on Dustin, I am so close to buy right now when I am writing this text.
(with 3000kr/sek in my wallet I'm almost halfway to a good camera and the camera I just sold was a gift for a painting I made last summer!)
I can use it for both photography and movies in school and maybe get some photos of models to combine it with my own paintings wich I've done with my friends photos.
  ........  But I'm afraid of asking people to be my model.
             And that's extremely strange.

I have finished so many paintings with various models before that it should not be a hard thing to ask a girl or boy to stand up in front of me. But stupid thoughts have circulated in my head the last year. Negative thoughts about my own abilities to create and a great amount of laziness comes and goes from times to times, I almost wonder if there is a diagnosis on me. And yet, the last half year of 2010 was an amazing time in my life of paintings. My skills in photoshop exploded (mostly becouse of the extremely boring programming course we have in school)
I probably think about things to much, or the opposite.

So hit me, and do it hard.
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Blah blah bla! It's summer and I can submit whatever stupid thing I want! hahahahahahahaha
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  • Reading: Wy teachers 34 pages homework for the class :la:
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Some of you who already have been visiting my dAgallery for some times and can see that there's some smaller differences in my gallery. :yum:
Don't worry I'm the one behind them, it feels nice to have a brand new gallery to show people when they visit me!
Damn I'm happy right now even if I will only have 5 hours sleep tonight and no homeworks are done! <3

Remember to put an "watch this deviant" on me! :blahblah: I have a nice Drawing Diary that I'll try to draw as often I can, I'ts about my life, my dreems at night or maybe something else.
( wanna have a taste? see )

And also, remember to check my "favourites" and friends galleries! :''D

Thank you and good night for today!
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Thank you DA this is amazing, very nice thing to use!

It is "ourdiary" becouse I'm drawing it and you are reading it and maybe even are one of the characters' in it!?
Therefore it would'nt be fair if it was named "Mydairy".

Hope you like it and that I can continue drawing at least one page/week with our help!
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Alright who's fucking with me? yesterday I got 199 pageviews, the day before that 67 pageviews and thats nice but what's happening? Is it the great ninjalord that does this against me?! :'''o
Or USA government? Thank you Obama and co. but why not send me a note about it? I hate to not know why I get all those pageviews! X'''''''''''D *frustrated*
Thank you guys for 10.000 views!
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What kind of style do I paint with? O_O Please help me! Tell me how you feel about my art or just your thoughts so I can get rid of this uneasy feeling I have right now...
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  • Reading: Mitt liv som pingvin, Travels in the Scriptorium
  • Watching: Will soon se Akira, I hope...
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- Yeah, tomorrow (I'm not sleeping yet) I'll see the music artist Laleh for real! (090925) She's probably the last part in my little tour this summer, I've seen so many great artists and becouse she is one of my favourites there will be nice to se her too!

Live tomorrow -<3…
Closer -<3…
Call on me -<3…
Invisible - <3…

Holy shit she's pretty, I've not noticed to much how she looks... :'o
I hope that I can find the place where she's playing becouse I have no idea where it's... XD Not a clue on the ticket but I will come up with something to solve this myesterious case... (To much Case Closed for me, have been reading it för nearly 3 days in a row now. 707 kap.!!! :''D Not enough for my eyes. <3)
- Some non intresting things to know is that I thingk I'm having some kind of influenza right now, my throat realy hurts but friends are making it beter all the time so thanks for supporting me in the little way you may be not know you guys do.
- Anyway, I would also put in some extra special supporting words for a friend of mine that recently was hit by a car an got realy hurt in her back... :''(
We all hope that you will be completly restored and that nothing more will hurt you ever again Frida! Many hugs and I'll paint some pictures for you every week you can't stand up on your legs!

Yeah, I'll continue the text some other day... You know I'm not the one that write long texts and particulary not in english. I'm painting my thoughts and hopefully you can read them in your own way.
Feel free to make a note if you like I think people
Good night.

:')   -//-   )':
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Love summer.
  • Listening to: Justice, Slagsm&aring;lsklubben, Royksopp
  • Reading: Shantaram, Perfume, The illusion of God
  • Watching: He love's me, he loves me not.
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I'm at the moment uploading pictures from our journey to London on
We had some great days there, visiting the pubs', shopping, walking around so our feets' hurts like hell (I'm used to it so it was okay) and we saw many things that have inspired me to paint again!
Raimlla - &… also give me some inspirations today, she has wonderful some journals'! Check her gallery.
- Anyway, London was great but my plans to visit some friends on DA was ruined 'couse we had a lot to do and I did never call them either. I'm so sorry!  *I hope that my spelling is'nt failing to much 'couse I'm tired now...*

But now, the thing is that I've some mailing friends in sweden, they are great but... I'm a colector of art and other artist's materials so now am I wondering if soemeone out there in our world are interested enough to send me a letter!? :'''o
I'll give my address to you if you're interested, we change a painting and a letter or maybe a eaven a pen with eachoter that's all. :'')
*Hope someone answer this <3*

Todays music:

                        Good night! - Oscar R
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Okay I'm still without internet, Telia says that: " You'll get it soon dear customer and we apologize for the delay we have caused you. You have to wait 3 weeks more. Bye. "
Prise "god" for computers in school, I'm still alive!!! >___<'

Have a lot of pictures to upload when I'm back, shit I'll have to spend a whole day uploading on DA if this continue.
I hope that you (yes you)are healthy, I've a cold. Bye!


Sun Jan 4, 2009, 2:47 PM
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  • Watching: You don't wanna know..
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D= - =D

Yay. Happy new year it's 2009 now and I won't have internet untill...first feb. !!!!! O___O''''
(going crazy soon)
But I hope that DA will still remember me!

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  • Reading: Ett ufo g&ouml;r entre/En komikers uppv&auml;xt
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  • Eating: Lucia bun, salomon, pizza.
  • Drinking: Juice, coffe, water.
I'm in mood for selling my art, today I was on my and classmates first (real) vernissage. It was some kind of christmas theme for us 'couse it's first advent today! Whatever, we sold paintings för 1660 sek! Not bad and almost every one of our painting was sold after some houers. ^__^

But seriously maybe someone want to buy my art?
Interested?  Then leave a message.
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  • Reading: No, sorry I've no time or motivation right now
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  • Eating: Sandvich (Heavy Sandwish! x'3 )
  • Drinking: Juice
Guess what? I've a subscription now!! :''D
I gave my stepfather some money so he could pay it with his card, my is not working properly.. :'(

Sooooo... Someone tell me what is subscription about? :)

Some other news is that the first Sven the Börd comic page will show up in Magazin this week, or next week I've not understand what my boss have talking about but it'll be fine I guess. She's a kind boss I'm glad to have her as headeditor. I will show the newspaper cutt on Da don't worry!

What's happening in my school?:
The school seems to have decided to give us some homeworks at last... God damn it, scince B and mathematics B, and there will soon be tests' on them!! *panic* There will be no room for Team Fortress 2 palying at all!!! X'''(
- And one more thing, I'll maybe go on the Halloween party the 23/10 that school's advertising about.

London 2009-Here we come!
The London journey next spring is in progress, we're discussing about the cost, how long we will stay and a little about how many people that will travel ti England...
If you're from London coment on this please it would be a pleasure to meet you! *YES! Maybe a personal town guide..? x')*
I hope that everything will be just fine.. :')

Last weekend:
My friends visited me in my home! Movie, tasty food and raspberrypie as dessert. All of them except Jon sleeped in my home 'couse I live in nowhere and the clock was to late for bus.

Right now:
Shit, have to do the last part of my science homework now... But we can call this for "English studying"
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Today is a big day, today is the day when I got my first artist work in a real magazine! And the name on that magazine is Magazin... XD
It's a free paper in Dalarna where I live and I'm their first comic drawer ever! I hope this projekt don't end to soon and that it will give me a good mark in school. Sven von Böörd, do your best now!!

Other important things tha't have happened/will happen:
I want to play TF2.
I'll go to Borlänge this weekend and meet my father.
I'll do the universitytest Okt. 25 ;____; AND I'M ABSOLUT NOT READY FOR IT!
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  • Reading: Masterdetective Conan, Death Note 4 (swe)
  • Watching: Vetenskapens v&auml;rld
  • Playing: Team Fortress 2
Today is my birthday, hipp hipp hurray. I'm 18 now, I'm in school again and my friends like me. And I like them, and my girlfriend Sanna.  Thank you for the painting Sanna. And to my frindes I would like to thanks' for the Wolf parade CD! The green shirt and again a greath thanks to all my friends.
Good night. zzzzzz
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  • Reading: Masterdetective Conan
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  • Eating: *starving*
  • Drinking: Homemade chocolate and coff&eacute;e
Yes, at last I reached the 5001 pageviews here on DeviantArt.
But right now am I really tired, wanna sleep... have almost been sleeping but my brother woke me up and now am I writing a note about names, if Kaworu are gay or not and... whatever. Fuck worl I'll go to bed now and soon it's summer vacation!
I'll meet my darling Sanna <3
Work on Bokia.
Be with my friends...
And rest, holy toasted pickles.. I really need this summer vacation. :)

And I hope that I'll see some "new" faces to, maybe in Stockholm or who knows?

Good night and kisses to you Sanna <3